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WorkNet Helps You

  • Providing Quicker Access to Quality Medical Care
  • Eliminating "Doctor Shopping"
  • Limiting the Effects of Attorney Involvement
  • Applying Aggressive Medical Case Management
  • Offering a Simple Dispute Resolution Process for Resolving Medical Issues
  • Negotiating a 10% Discount on All In-Network Medical Care

First, WorkNet created one of the finest workers' compensation networks of medical care providers that can be found in the State. It is specific to workers' compensation and all of the medical providers will treat workers' compensation injuries. Every physician in WorkNet's network is "credentialed" to ensure that only the highest quality physicians are in the network. The criteria WorkNet uses to evaluate these providers are some of the most strict and comprehensive in the healthcare industry.

Second, the WorkNet program was designed utilizing the "gatekeeper" model for managed care. In Tulsa and Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma, WorkNet has contracted with clinics and physicians that specialize in occupational medicine. Initial, non-emergency medical care is provided by one of these network facilities. While location and convenience are important criteria, the most important factors that we consider when contracting with one of these clinics are quality of care, communication and a philosophy of returning employees to work. These clinics know the importance of these issues for the employer and their insurance carrier. The physicians in these clinics will evaluate the injured worker, write appropriate medical restrictions and then refer him or her to a specialist, if necessary. WorkNet's medical management staff reviews all referral requests to ensure appropriateness. WorkNet's statewide network includes more than 1,100 specialists, 45 hospitals, 89 medical clinics, 25 surgery centers, 32 occupational clinics and more than 150 physical therapy locations. Each of these providers is contracted with the additional 10% discount off the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule. Treatment with a WorkNet Provider = Medical Cost Savings.

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To learn more about how you can gain control of your workers' compensation costs call us. A WorkNet representative will explain how our plan can work for you.

In Tulsa:

WorkNet provides access to more than 1,100 physicians and hospitals in more than 77 counties. For a complete listing, view the WorkNet Provider Directory.