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CommunityCare Life & Health PPO Plans

CommunityCare Life and Health Insurance Company offers a wide variety of plans that offer strong benefits to members. Many employers select CommunityCare Life and Health Insurance because of our commitment to quality while helping employers control costs. We have a strong network of providers throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. There is even national coverage available for members who are located outside of Oklahoma. CommunityCare Life and Health Insurance Company provides an in-network level of benefits for services delivered outside of Oklahoma through a national PPO network, PHCS.

The opportunity to make your own decision about your healthcare is invaluable. Our strong provider network opens doors for you and your family that other plans simply can not. The peace of mind that comes with choosing your own personal physician and hospital is priceless.

When you choose CommunityCare, you're getting the best coverage from an Oklahoma company who understands what Oklahomans need in healthcare.

CommunityCare Life & Health PPO Network Options

We offer two preferred provider network options with our PPO plans

  1. CommunityCare PPO Select

    An exclusive provider organization with a network that serves members in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.

    Search the CommunityCare PPO Select Provider Directory
  2. CommunityCare PPO Standard

    A preferred provider organization with a network that serves members throughout Oklahoma.

    Search the CommunityCare PPO Standard Provider Directory
  3. Valenz Provider Network

    CommunityCare Life and Health Members looking to find participating physicians and facilities outside of Oklahoma may use the Valenz network.

    Learn more about Valenz Provider Network.