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If you have a complex or chronic condition (such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or psoriasis) then you need a specialty pharmacy, one that offers more than just medication. That's CVS Specialty. We're specialists in medications that treat your condition. Our expertise allows us to get you the medication you need, along with personalized, clinical support.

Specialized support

You'll have a dedicated CareTeam led by a pharmacist and nurse who are specialists in your condition. They can help with everything from getting started and managing side effects to injection training or finding financial assistance. This support is what will help you safely and effectively stay on track with your therapy.

Convenient choices

We’re the only specialty pharmacy that lets you choose how you get your medication:

You can pick it up at any CVS Pharmacy (including those inside Target stores).
- OR -
Have it delivered by mail anywhere that's convenient – even your doctor's office.

Digital tools

You'll be able to manage your medications and more at CVSspecialty.com and with the CVS Specialty mobile app.

  • Order refills and track orders
  • Set medication and treatment reminders
  • Securely message your CareTeam
  • Manage payments

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To learn more, visit CVSspecialty.com CVSspecialty.com.