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CommunityCare HMO Plans

CommunityCare HMO is an Oklahoma-owned and operated Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) created by some of Oklahoma's premier health systems. We provide a cost-effective, community-based product. CommunityCare offers comprehensive medical services through its own established network of local hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers.

What CommunityCare HMO Means To You

  • We are owned and operated by two premier health systems in Oklahoma - Saint Francis Health System and Ascension St. John in Tulsa.
  • You can establish a relationship with just one doctor. This physician will coordinate all of your medical care.
  • There is no paperwork to file. All routine preventive care is covered, even benefits for hearing and vision screening.
  • 24-Hour Nurse Line, a Health Information Service, allowing you to speak directly with a registered nurse about your health concerns.
  • Access to quality pharmacy services and prescription drug benefit programs.

CommunityCare HMO Network Options

We offer four provider network options with our HMO plans:

  1. CommunityCare HMO One

    CommunityCare HMO One provides one single network for small groups with access to Ascension St. John, Saint Francis Health System, and Hillcrest HealthCare System. With this network, members are able to select a primary care physician from one health system and self-refer to any contracted specialist, regardless of health system affiliation. HMO One is currently available in the Tulsa area and northeastern Oklahoma.

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  2. CommunityCare Multi-Choice

    CommunityCare Multi-Choice plans are point of service (POS) plans that provide the basic elements of an HMO health plan with the additional benefit of allowing your employees to self-refer to their provider of choice. Our Multi-Choice plans are designed to provide broad in-network and out-of-network options for small groups. Tier 1 provides access to Ascension St. John, Saint Francis Health System, INTEGRIS Health and Hillcrest HealthCare System, plus specialty providers to fill in the gaps. Tier 2 is all HMO contracted providers who are not included in Tier 1, and Tier 3 provides access to any non-contracted provider.

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  3. CommunityCare HMO Select

    CommunityCare HMO Select network is an exclusive network that primarily utilizes Ascension St. John, Saint Francis Health System, and Hillcrest HealthCare System in the Tulsa area and St. Anthony and Norman Regional Health System in the Oklahoma City area. This network is available to large group and small groups in approved service areas.

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  4. CommunityCare HMO Standard

    CommunityCare HMO Standard is a network that consists of all HMO contracted providers. It is for large groups and for small groups in approved service areas.

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Please contact one of our Account Executives to discuss plan options and other available plans and networks that can easily be combined to provide your employees with a high quality, cost-effective CommunityCare plan.