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Employee Assistance Program Benefits

An EAP is a proven, cost effective solution to many of the problems employers face today. Research shows that each dollar invested in an EAP saves the employer $5.00-$16.00.

At any given time, 20% of the workforce has personal problems that impact their job. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 30% of all absenteeism and 66% of all terminations are related to employees' personal problems. Troubled employees are 25% less productive than the average worker.

EAPs can reduce sick leave usage by 33%, work related accidents by 65%, workers’ compensation claims by 30%, lost time by 40%, grievances by 50%, and time spent on supervisor reprimands by 74%.

Quick Facts
  • 50% of Oklahomans have experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression since 2020. *
  • Google searches related to mental health topics in Oklahoma have increased nearly 50% since the beginning of the pandemic. *
  • The average person experiences five year wait from the onset of the mental health issue before seeking help.

* Healthy Minds Policy Initiative

EAP Benefits

  • Increase Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Boost Morale
  • Decrease Healthcare and Disability Costs
  • Reduce Absenteeism and accidents
  • Promote Workforce Cooperation
  • Balance Work and Personal Life
  • Attract & Retain Employees
  • Compliance with State & Federal Regulations
  • Free for Employees and Dependents
  • Confidential & Convenient
  • Objective Resource for Information
  • Employee Advocate
  • Problem Identification & Resolution

Offering EAP services not only demonstrates that the employer is concerned about the well-being of its employees, it increases workplace productivity as well. A Cornell University study involving the “100 Best” companies found that generous EAP benefits were linked with happier, hard-working employees, customers who received better quality products and enhanced services, and an improved bottom line.

*According to the Fortune 500 list, more than half of the largest industries have Employee Assistance Programs.