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CommunityCare Expands Coverage of Telemedicine to Include Telephone Evaluation and Management Services


In an innovative approach to mitigate exposure of plan members who are sick or at-risk due to other conditions, as well as protect the health care workers and community, CommunityCare has expanded its coverage of telemedicine services to also include telephone evaluation and management services.

CommunityCare recognizes that an expansion of coverage for only telemedicine services with video capabilities, including live e-visits via FaceTime, Skype or other live video platforms, may not meet the needs of many members or contracted providers for receiving or providing ongoing care. As Oklahoma’s largest locally owned health insurer, CommunityCare is invested in the health of the local community and is committed to addressing the challenges presented by COVID-19.

As the public health crisis related to COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are dedicated to taking care of our members and ensuring they have access to health care services. Extending coverage of telemedicine services to include telephonic services will help CommunityCare better serve our members and providers during a time of global stress.

Members will have 100% coverage when telephone evaluation and management services are received from their in-network providers and will not be subject to any copayment, coinsurance or deductible during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an example, a member who has a telephone visit with their family physician can do so without any copay and the provider will bill CommunityCare for 100% of the cost of the service.

If the telephone call follows a clinic/office visit performed and reported within the past seven calendar days for the same diagnosis, then the telephone services will be considered part of the previous clinic/office visit.

Members may contact CommunityCare customer service at (918) 594-5242 for questions about coverage or information about telemedicine services.

Updated: 04/22/2020

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