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Insure Oklahoma

Healthcare Premium Assistance with Insure Oklahoma Approved plans by CommunityCare

With the support of Insure Oklahoma, employers can provide access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage for qualifying employees.

Insure Oklahoma is an innovative program Oklahoma has created to bridge the gap in health care coverage. Insure Oklahoma's Employer Sponsored Insurance plan provides employers with premium subsidies to help buy health insurance for low to moderate income employees. Premium costs are shared by the state (60 percent), the employer (25 percent) and the employee (15 percent).

CommunityCare has partnered with Insure Oklahoma as a qualified health plan. This correlates with CommunityCare's dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective health care management services in the communities it serves.

To qualify for Insure Oklahoma, a business should:

  1. Have 250 or fewer employees.
  2. Be located in Oklahoma.
  3. Offer a qualified health plan.
  4. Contribute at least 25 percent of premiums for qualified employees.

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