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Employee Assistance Program History

The Employee Assistance Program, a department of CommunityCare HMO, Inc., has been providing quality EAP services since 1982. We currently serve almost 450 client companies in Oklahoma and across the United States. The EAP originally functioned as a part of the Alcohol and Drug Dependency unit at St. John Medical Center. In 1984, the EAP moved to St. John's for-profit side, Utica Services, becoming a freestanding department serving seven client companies.

In 1991, a joint venture corporation CORPHEALTH OF MID-AMERICA was formed combining both EAP and Managed Behavioral Health Care Services. This relationship involved Comprehensive Medical Care Affiliates (CompMed) Tulsa, Oklahoma and CORPHEALTH, INC., of Fort Worth, Texas. In May 1995, this relationship was dissolved and now our EAP/Managed Behavioral Health Care organization is owned by CommunityCare HMO, Inc. CommunityCare HMO is owned by St. John Health System and Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa.

CommunityCare EAP continues to maintain high standards for the delivery of Employee Assistance Services. CommunityCare EAP follows the standards set forth by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), a professional employee assistance organization. We also comply with EAPA's standards for "broadbrush" programming of the EAP.

The five areas of concern for standards set forth by EAPA are: policy and procedures; administrative functions; education and training; resource development; and program evaluation. In all of these areas, CommunityCare EAP will meet or exceed the required standards of programming performance.

CommunityCare EAP is a member of the Employee Assistance Professional Association.

For more information about CommunityCare EAP services, please visit our contact page.

If your organization does not currently have CommunityCare Employee Assistance Program and you would like pricing information for the EAP, please email Terry Stover or Amy Maner.