CommunityCare HMO POS Plans

Allowing Your Employees To Have Choices While Helping To Control Your Healthcare Costs

CommunityCare POS (Point of Service) has the basic elements of an HMO health insurance plan with the additional benefit of allowing you to self-refer outside the provider network.

What CommunityCare HMO POS Means To You

  • Far-reaching local roots - CommunityCare POS has a strong network of providers throughout northeastern Oklahoma. Our network is large enough to offer you a wide range of choices. Our POS plan stretches the limits of a typical HMO network.
  • The power of choice - With CommunityCare POS, you have the opportunity to go outside the network for those unique situations without losing benefits and security. This allows you to receive quality care and a large selection of providers while allowing your company to control costs.
  • Access to quality pharmacy services and prescription drug benefit programs.

CommunityCare HMO PLUS POS Network Options

We offer two provider network options with our HMO POS plans.

  1. CommunityCare Plus POS Standard Network

    CommunityCare Plus POS Standard Network is one of the largest and best-connected networks of health care providers in Oklahoma.

    Search the CommunityCare Plus POS Standard Provider Directory
  2. CommunityCare Plus POS Select Network

    CommunityCare Plus POS Select Network is an exclusive Tulsa-based provider network for CommunityCare HMO Plus POS.

    Search the CommunityCare Plus POS Select Provider Directory

Did you Know?

Delta Dental
Delta Dental

CommunityCare and Delta Dental combine to provide Health & Dental coverage for local businesses

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How to get started

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