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Inappropriate Duplicate Coverage

If you are covered by both a prescription drug plan and a separate Medicare Part B (medical insurance) plan, there may be additional issues that arise because of duplicate coverage. When you receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form, you should check to ensure that your doctor or pharmacist has not billed both plans for the same prescription order. Additionally, if you pick up a prescription from your pharmacy and take the medication to an office visit for your doctor to administer, you should check your EOB to make sure your doctor has only billed your plan for the administration of the drug and not for the cost of the drug itself. In that situation, your pharmacy should be the only one charging you for the cost of the drug.

If you are covered by multiple plans and are unsure which plan should be billed in any situation, call our customer service number to be sure that you, your doctor and your pharmacist submit your claims to the appropriate plan.

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