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Large Group $0 Copay Program

Helping members save money on prescription drugs while improving health outcomes. Our zero copay program was developed to lower out-of-pocket costs for certain prescription drugs and promote compliance with prescribed drug therapy. Essentially, this program reduces the copayment for select formulary generic drugs to $0!

Prescriptions filled at a participating pharmacy (retail or mail order) for any of the generic drugs listed on the information sheet will be filled for a $0 copay!

2021 Plans

2020 Plans

Specialty Pharmacy

Save money on specialty medications with the Specialty Pharmacy Program. Specialty medications typically cost more than common prescriptions plus usually require additional clinical support for optimal health outcomes. This specialty pharmacy program helps make these medications accessible and cost effective for our members.

CommunityCare is pleased to provide quality pharmacy services to its members, including a specialty pharmacy program. Members have two options for ordering specialty prescriptions. Please click on the links below for more information.

Prescription Drug Coverage Determination

A prescription drug coverage determination is used to request a drug formulary exception for medications that are not on CommunityCare's formulary list or drugs that are on CommunityCare's formulary list but require a utilization management decision (prior authorization, quantity limit or step therapy).

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