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This page is your dedicated resource for COVID-19 vaccine updates and information. We will continue to update this page so you will have the information you need about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Latest News

Now available: A COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler Portal is online for Oklahomans to pre-register to be notified to schedule a vaccine appointment. Currently, only Oklahomans who are 65+, health care workers and/or first responders will be able to schedule appointments. Find out more about the vaccine scheduler portal.

Transition to Phase Two

The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced on Dec. 29, 2020 its plan to transition into phase two of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution by offering the vaccine to first responders and health care workers outside of the inpatient hospital setting. OSDH plans to utilize designated distribution points across the state.

To provide increased access to the COVID-19 vaccine for Oklahomans, OSDH is initiating vaccination points of dispensing sites (PODS) across the state where people who are set to begin receiving the vaccine can do so safely in the coming weeks. Initial groups who will receive the vaccine in PODS include first responders and health care workers outside of hospital settings, some of whom have already begun receiving their vaccines. Oklahomans who are 65 and older will also be able to receive the vaccine at PODS locations in the coming weeks, according to state health officials. More information about vaccine availability to the 65 and older population will become available as the state receives further information regarding the ongoing vaccine supply.

PODS locations are flexible and may be raised in communal locations such as schools, community centers and fairgrounds all across the state, according to state health officials. Staffing and logistics will be coordinated with local partners, an effort that reflects a community approach to assisting neighbors in need.

Oklahoma health officials urge people to watch for local public messaging, including news outlets and social media, to find out when they’re eligible to receive the vaccine. Additionally, an online scheduling tool is expected to go live in the upcoming weeks to help Oklahomans in each priority group find their ability to get the vaccine, as well as the nearest PODS locations and to schedule an appointment when it is their turn.

For more information, please visit or call 2-1-1.

Key Points

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m a high-risk person and eligible for the vaccine now?

A high-risk person is an adult living in a long-term care facility who is unable to live independently.

If I am a high-risk person, where can I get the vaccine?

The vaccine will only be available at the long-term care facility. Those facilities will receive their vaccines based upon instructions from Oklahoma state health officials.

If I am a front-line health care worker, where can I get my vaccine?

Vaccines for health care workers will be available through your facility/employer. Your employer should provide you instructions on how to obtain your vaccine once they have them available.

If I am not a front-line healthcare worker or high-risk person, when will my vaccine be available?

As soon as more quantities of vaccines are available, we will receive information on the next groups to receive the vaccine. As we receive information on the availability of the vaccine to others, we will update this page.

How can I verify my priority group for receiving the vaccine?

To determine your priority group, read each description closely using the vaccine priority population framework document provided by the state by clicking here.

How will I know when my priority group is authorized to receive the vaccine?

You can check back to this website frequently for information on which phase has been approved for the vaccine. You can also visit or call 2-1-1.

You are also encouraged to follow the Oklahoma State Health Department on social media at the below locations as they will post updates as they are available:

Do I need to call my PCP about getting the vaccine?

You do not need authorization or approval from your PCP to obtain a vaccination. However, you are encouraged to discuss with your PCP if getting the vaccine is right for you.

How much will the vaccine cost?

If you have Medicare: For individuals with Medicare, there is no cost. The provider should provide the vaccine free of charge and will file your claim directly with Medicare.

If you are an employer group member or an individual plan member: The cost of the vaccine is covered by the government, but the cost to administer the vaccine will likely be billed to CommunityCare. However, there will be no cost to you for the vaccine or the administration of it.

Is the vaccine safe?

Information on the vaccine and its safety can be found on the CDC website.

I heard the vaccine is two doses, is that correct?

The current vaccines do require two doses to become effective. Once you are approved to get the vaccine, the provider should provide you all the instructions you need on the doses. For the vaccines that require a second dose, it will be important you get both doses of the vaccine within the recommended timelines.

Updated January 5, 2021

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