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Are you an employer with 50 or fewer employees* looking for a quality health plan? Find a CommunityCare 2020 plan that works for you, build a quote and apply for coverage.

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Thank you for your interest in CommunityCare for your group health insurance needs. We offer a wide range of plans that provide various levels of coverage and network providers. If your employer group consists of 50 or fewer employees*, you may qualify for the coverage offered through the CommunityCare small group health plans shown here. The quotes illustrated will provide premiums in an “age-rated” format (e.g. – one rate for each enrollee on the plan). If you are interested in composite rates, please contact your broker or call CommunityCare directly at 918-594-5230.

*Important Information Regarding Group Size: There are several rules under both IRS and State regulations for determining who is a full-time employee and whether or not your group has 50 or fewer full-time employees. You may wish to consult with your agent/broker or tax consultant if you are not sure whether or not you have 50 or fewer employees based on these regulations.

For family coverage with counts that exceed three children under the age of 21, you only need to include the premium for three oldest children in this category.

For more information about the Insure Oklahoma premium subsidy program, please visit http://www.insureoklahoma.org/ for more information, or contact your insurance broker.

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Individual Deductible
Individual Out of Pocket Maximum
Office Visit Copay
*Subject to the deductible
First 3 primary care visits have a $35 co-payment and are not subject to the deductible.

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Delta Dental
Delta Dental

CommunityCare and Delta Dental combine to provide Health & Dental coverage for local businesses

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