ChamberCare Plus
Wellness Programs

CommunityCare serves as the corporate wellness resource for many of Tulsa's largest and mid-size employers. All members have access to a significant amount of wellness information available through our website and traditional newsletters. ChamberCare Plus provides wellness initiatives for small employers through programs that would not otherwise be available to these small businesses.

For example, health screenings held at a common location will provide HDL, cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI results. These biometric results will be added to a short cardiovascular risk questionnaire the individual completes that will generate an individualized report that is discussed with the participant by a degreed health educator.

In some cases, CommunityCare has found these screenings to be significant life changing events for participants. The screening events are provided at a cost of approximately $25 per participant and CommunityCare splits this amount 50/50 with the participant's employer. This pricing level for these tests is far below that of the usual market rate. We are also unaware of any carrier/provider offering a 50/50 subsidy for the tests. The events do require advance planning, a minimum of 25 participants signing up for tests and the support of employers in allowing the participant time to take the tests during the workday.

Flu shot clinics at a central location for participating small businesses will also be scheduled. This program is described in our materials.

Our brochure describes the portfolio of Wellness services available from CommunityCare. Most of these of these services can be made available to small businesses in coordination with the Chamber through either electronic interfaces or a central location model for events such as health lectures, smoking cessation or diabetes management classes. The bottom line is that the Chamber's small businesses can benefit from wellness programs and resources usually only available to much larger employers. One limitation to be noted is that providing aggregate reports to small employers will not be available due to Protected Health Information (PHI) privacy considerations.