ChamberCare Plus
Employee Assistance Program Benefits

CommunityCare's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the largest in Oklahoma, serving over 350 employers and over 225,000 members. Research shows that each dollar invested in an EAP program saves the employer between $5-$16. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 30% of all absenteeism and 66% of all terminations are related to the employee's personal problems.

CommunityCare will make available our EAP program to the chamber's small businesses at a special pricing level. The program is described in our materials.

Employers with 26-50 eligible employees will pay $0.70 per enrolled employee per month, while employers with 25 or less eligible employees will pay a flat fee of $12.50 a month. This will provide your members' employees with:

  • Access to the CommunityCare Employee Assistance program for 1 to 3 visits with a Masters level licensed counselor, per person per problem. This covers not only the employee but all of their dependents living in their house of that are financially dependent on the employee.
  • Access to common site meetings on topics such as Federal Drug-Free workplace, Department of Transportation substance abuse program rules, sexual harassment workplace violence and time management.
  • Access to three Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) for Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance.
  • Access to management level consultation.

The above pricing does not apply if the employer has any employees/members living more than 200 miles outside of Tulsa or Oklahoma City or anywhere outside Oklahoma. These cases will have to be individually priced.

  • EAP Brochure