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Substance Abuse Professional Services

If an employer has a plan for retaining an employee who tests positive in a safety-sensitive position, the rules* require that the employee must be referred to a SAP. As outlined in the rules, SAPs are to perform the following functions:

  • assessment and evaluation of employees who test positive,
  • present recommendations and referral for treatment,
  • tracking of client through the treatment process,
  • follow-up evaluations to determine if an employee is compliant with treatment or has successfully complied with the recommended treatment, and
  • directs a minimum of six follow-up tests (required during the first 12 months but may extend through 60 months) and monitors the follow-up program.

The SAP may also be required to:

  • Monitor the Employee to insure the they have completed all phases of the referral
  • SAP can require up to 5 years of follow-up testing if needed
  • SAP follows the employee until the return to work test is negative
  • Advise the client company to the regulations compliance
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