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What is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can result from a variety of traumatic incidents. Things that remind a person of the traumatic event can trigger symptoms. Learn more important PTSD facts.

Stress Management Tips

All stress isn't bad. Stress can initiate change, help us focus on the task at hand, and in some cases even save our lives.

The Blue Zones

In recent years, a number of national research organizations, including National Geographic, have been doing research on areas of the world that they call "blue zones." Blue zones got their name from researchers who noted that in certain areas of the world, people live to be older in much greater numbers.

Healthy Kids

As the weather warms up and the grass turns green, it's a great time for kids to get outside and play. Learn the many health benefits of outside play!

Chamber partners with CommunityCare to offer new health products

(TULSA, Okla.)— The Tulsa Regional Chamber and CommunityCare Managed Healthcare Plans of Oklahoma have launched ChamberCare Plus, a new program that will offer a wide range of health insurance plans and employee benefits to chamber member companies.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

A few healthy holiday eating tips that will help you maintain your waistline.

The Truth About Flu Shots

Be sure you know the facts before you decide against it.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Making the Right Choice.

Estrogen is often used to replace the hormone no longer being made by the body due to menopause. Hormone therapy (HT) uses estrogen and progestin in combination. This has been a subject of great controversy over the years.


Pneumonia can impact all of us, especially during flu season. Those over 65 and those with certain health issues like diabetes and asthma are more likely to get bacterial pneumonia as a result of flu.

Shared Decision Making

One of the new ideas in health care is having doctors take part in an activity known as "shared decision making." The person most involved in any medical decision should be the patient because their life is most affected. This includes reviewing the pros and cons of different ways to treat issues.

Think Pink

Around this time of year we start to see pink. Pink t-shirts, pink ribbons, sometimes you'll even see a pink fire truck. What is up with the color PINK?

Flu Shot Information

Information regarding flu shots and reimbursement for CommunityCare members.

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